This is the desk of: Mike Turco
Mike Turco is a: Programming and IT consulting
Mike Turco’s desk is at his/her: Client
What’s cool about Mike Turco’s workspace: The huge screen
Mike Turco’s desk has looked like this for: I’ve been using it for about six weeks, two to three days a week. No paper books whatsoever — I’ve been paperless for several years. Other than mail I receive, receipts, etc. I generate maybe ten pages of printed material a year. Don’t own a printer, I do my printing at Staples or at client offices.
Mike Turco would like to change: If I were to change one thing about [my home desk] I would get a big screen like that, shorten my stand-up desk so that I could see past it, put that TV on the wall and use it for a monitor. Nothing more or less. Wouldn’t want to move my home office anywhere, I like my home office and of all the places I’ve lived I like this place the most.

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