This is the desk of: Ann Zumwinkle
Ann Zumwinkle is a: Web Design and Development, Principal Owner and Art Director
Ann Zumwinkle’s desk is at his/her: Home
What’s cool about Ann Zumwinkle’s workspace: 2 computers (1 under the desk), 3 monitors, 2 phones, 2 keyboards, 2 mice, 1 all-in-1 printer, 1 lamp, 2 speakers, 1 Ethernet hub, 1 external hard drive, 1 standing file folder, 3 major piles of paper and 2 minor “working” piles, and 1 calico cat.
Ann Zumwinkle’s desk has looked like this for: With the cat? That’s Peaches, the calico alley cat with an attitude. She’s there regularly. I like that I was looking at Dave Nathanson’s desk on the right-hand monitor when I took the pic … that’s Thunderbird email on the left, which runs my life.
Ann Zumwinkle would like to change: It would be nice to have one less of everything.

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