This is the desk of: Greg Roelofs
Greg Roelofs is a: Software engineer
Greg Roelofs’s desk is at his/her: Other
What’s cool about Greg Roelofs’s workspace: … pretty pedestrian except for the Local Group model of 56 galaxies above it. The individual sizes aren’t to scale but the positions are. Overall scale is roughly 5 million light-years across. I wish I had a stereoscopic camera so you could get the 3D-ness of it … the A/C here is ridiculous, so sequential shots show a fair bit of motion. Home (right) [With a 4K monitor being “driven by the NUC and outrageously huge xterms.”]
Greg Roelofs’s desk has looked like this for: A while
Greg Roelofs would like to change: Dim the lighting and direct the A/C vents elsewhere. But I’d also like to redo the dwarf galaxies (53 of the 56) so they’re closer to the correct scale. Home: Still recovering from the remodel, so the shelves and crap in boxes aren’t in their final configuration. Someday …

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