This is the desk of: Dan Bornstein
Dan Bornstein is a: Computer programmer, mostly. Also a coffee enthusiast and an occasional musician.
Dan Bornstein’s desk is at his/her: Other
What’s cool about Dan Bornstein’s workspace:
Dan Bornstein’s desk has looked like this for: About a year and a half in both cases.
Dan Bornstein would like to change: Home: I want to raise the speakers up, both to make a little room — as the desk is a fairly small one — and so that the monitor doesn’t obstruct the sound. NB: The photo isn’t staged beyond minor curation of the contents of the monitor; the surface of the desk is in fact typically empty, as depicted. Office: The cords are a mess and could use some neatening / hiding, and I’d prefer to have the monitor on an arm. I’d actually prefer a smaller desk, though not as small as my home one.

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